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Album & Song Of The Year Awards

Every year the Station Manager give an award for The Song & The Album Of The Year that he has enjoyed the most. Local, international, signed or unsigned, it makes no difference, all are considered & surprisingly, the Big Names that you might expect to win, haven't! The talent out there is superb, you just have to hunt it down & then share with your friends. Local unsigned acts have won both Song & Album twice in the first three years so the bar is set high!

* Depicts Independant, Unsigned Act showing the world that even on our doorstep talent is lurking!

LRK - Callous AOY2018

Album Of The Year 2018 *
Little Red Kings: Callous 

An absolute cracker of an album which sent us all into a right state here at Smart Radio! It is a stunner of an album that stands up against all of the Rock Greats and leaves you gasping and begging for more all at once. Buy this album now!

Blue October - I Hope You're Happy SOY20

Song Of The Year 2018
Blue October: I Hope You're Happy

This upbeat song took everyone by surprise here and the band many, many new fans. They played in Norwich, gave an interview and blew us away! Still one of the most requested songs on the station. 


Album Of The Year 2019 *
The Coronation Kings: Cathel & Me

A superb debut album from this local based band and an absolute joy to here both as an album and live! Proof yet again that the big names need to up their game when there is this kind of talent oaround. One for your collection without a doubt!


Song Of The Year 2019 * 
The Grenadiers UK: Ruby

A surprise winner took us all off gaurd as this independant band from Cambridge delighted us. It was a strong year and yet Ruby brushed them all aside with her hard hitting, catchy screaming for more lyrics and sound. We loved Ruby & still do, long may she live


Album Of The Year 2020
Robert Jon & The Wreck: Last Light On The Highway

A masterclass in just what an album should be! From the very first chords of Oh Miss Carolina down the the last note on Last Light On The Highway your are captivated & on a journey. Superb doesn't even come close!


Song Of The Year 2020 *
Red Wine Talk: The Halfway House

Local lads, from Norwich ruled the roost this year with a very popular & well put together track that still sits high in the stations play list. Raw, powerful & insigthful, local music at it's best.

2 - Album Of The Year.jpg

Album Of The Year 2021
Robert Jon & The Wreck: Shine A Light On Me Brother

For the second year in a row these guys have taken the top spot! A superb album and one that I highly recommend you go out and buy and listen to regularly. Yet another masterclass from The Wreck.

1 - Song Of The Year.jpg

Song Of The Year 2021
The Offspring: We Never Have Sex Anymore

A great song with some excellent lyrics that make me smile every time. Making it to the number 1 requested/played song of the year here on Smart Radio 101 made this a no brainer for the top prize


Album Of The Year 2022 *
The Coronation Kings & Yesterday Man

Boy has it been a tough year, but this superb Album from the local lads is quite simply, to me anyway, an absolutely  triumphant second up album & deserves this award 100% They won with their debut album and their class carries onwards with this, their second! Bravo guys, simply bravo!


Song Of The Year 2021
The Goo Goo Dolls & Yeah I Like

This years Song Of The Year 2022 is the opening track from the bands wonderful album Chaos In Bloom and had it had me hooked instantly, as it did with many of the listeners, so easily making it the most requested/played song of the year!

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