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Smart Radio's Annual Awards

Every year the station manager hands our various awards, some silly ones for the smarties & the listeners & some serious ones too! Below are both the serious ones, from the Smartie & Show Of The Year awards, to Artist & Song/Album awards, as well as some of the more silly ones, awarded to both presenters & listeners, as well as a couple we, as a station have been nominated for - Always the bridesmaide though, not as yet the bride lol. So have a scroll through and see some of the fun we've had along the way and some of the great music we have so deservedly showered accolades upon! 

Main Station Awards For 2019


Screenshot (9).png

Smartie Of The Year 2019

John West, the man "who's crazier than a box of frogs" wins this year and has put in some great work & is a most deserving of winners - some serious distance travelled! Well done Sir, thank you for the laughter & the music & for just being you.

4 - Northern Nights.jpeg

Show Of The Year 2019

Chris Hare & his weekly Northern Nights show was awarded this years award & his Northern Soul followers were over the moon. He has Provided a consistantly high standard show week in, week out Chris has gained many followers Worldwide


Album Of The Year 2019 *
The Coronation Kings: Cathel & Me

A superb debut album from this local based band and an absolute joy to here both as an album and live! Proof yet again that the big names need to up their game when there is this kind of talent oaround. One for your collection without a doubt!


Song Of The Year 2019 * 
The Grenadiers UK: Ruby

A surprise winner took us all off gaurd as this independant band from Cambridge delighted us. It was a strong year and yet Ruby brushed them all aside with her hard hitting, catchy screaming for more lyrics and sound. We loved Ruby & still do, long may she live

Just For Fun Awards 2019

Neil's Music Awards For 2018

Main Station Awards For 2018

1 - Terry S.png

Smartie Of The Year 2018
Terry Sullivan

3 - The All New Roast.jpg

Show Of The Year 2018
"The Sunday Roast"
Neil Jones


Number One Fan 2018
Mrs Jones

Neil's Music Awards For 2018

LRK - Callous AOY2018

Album Of The Year 2018
Little Red Kings: Callous 

Blue October - I Hope You're Happy SOY2018.jpg

Song Of The Year 2018
Blue October: I Hope You're Happy

Just For Fun Awards 2018


Joker Of The Year 2018
John West
"Crazier Than A Box Of Frogs!"


Best Prawn & Avocado Salad
Chris 'Crazy Horse' Bennett


Shut The F**K Up 2018
Charles Christian 

R.I.P Sir

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