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Listener And Smart Awards

Once all of the main awards are presented, the boss casts his mind over the past year and adds a few more awards to acknowledge various other things that have happened throughought the year here at Smart Radio. Some are given with seriousness and gratitude and some ... Well, some are just for the fun of it but still just as important. Even the funniest of awards presented have had to have made an impact on the station manager and as such an award was presented. Not all are here, but the most memorable are.



Number One Fan 2018

In the 1st year this went to Mrs Jones. She's been there every step of the way & as the guv'nor put it "She's allowed me to play on the radio!" Mrs J has backed him and supports all of us & we thank you Mrs Jones for everything.


Best Prawn & Avocado Salad 2018

Chris 'Crazy Horse' Bennett was given this acolade for sharing and feeding the guv'nor some of his freshly prepared snacks he'd brought in! Yum Yum. Never in the history of radio has such a delicacy been served up!


Shut The F**K Up 2018

With such an act of kindness Charles Christian wasn't himself told to Shut The F**K Up instead managed to shut he boss Up! Bravo Sir, bravo and for that you deserved this award.

R.I.P Sir


Joker Of The Year 2018

"Crazier than a box of frogs!" was how Mrs Jones described John West and she hit the nail on the head for sure! His jokes were bad but thankfully the love of a good woman kept the music on track!


Ian B.jpg

Number One Fan 2019

This year this award went to Ian Brackstone A good buddy of the Boss from Newfoundland, 'The Rock' and he has been there from day one live with us in the studio and has tuned in ever since on most days, helping spread the word worldwide!

Crazy Studio_edited.jpg

Smart Gold Award 2019

Chris 'Crazy Horse' Bennett is 1st to win this special award. He

came to “Spread Your Wings” as he put it & boy did he! His love of music is there for all to see & it has been a joy to have. you here. Never letting us down, we thank you Sir!

Terry Tape_edited.jpg

Shut The F**K Up 2019

In the 2nd year Mr Chatterbox himself, Terry Sullilvan, won this award and it was no surprise to any of us that he had taken this coveted award! And taken it easily!


Eye Candy The Year 2019

Well, who else? It can only be the one and only BluesSmith Himself. Never given on the day we all know it was infered if not acknowledged. Now Paul Smith, we salute you openly and can but only dream that one day we may reach the level of your sweetness.



Act Of The Year Up 2020

2020 certainly has been a very  difficult year for all of us, however the music helped keep us all sane and with so many great tracks to choose from, one band stood out from the rest as these local lads reached the most requests of the year and helped us maintain a better state of mental health than we could've expected.

Blaze 1_edited.jpg

Studio Of The Year 2020


A New award & a deserving 1st winner goes to Raoul Crane & Blaze Studios. Many of our local musicians have visited Blaze Studios & many of your tracks have made it to our shows. As such we give a “Nod” to Raoul & the amazing work he has done, his expertise can make a great track sublime.

Photo 02-07-2021, 16 42 19_edited.jpg

Shut The F**K Up 2020

Year 3 and a new contender appeared on the scene and not only did he take it by storm but more aptly he owned it.  If you look up the phrase Shut The F**K Up this is the image you wil.l find! 'Embrace It, Own It & Keep It!' Can anyone take this award away from Broome Spiro? I'd hate to say yes!

Penny Sue Wilson.jpg

Special Lady 2020

Amid a very hard year for all of us around the world, one very Special Lady appeared and became a part of all our lives & as such made every day that little be lighter during a dark time. We all fell a little in love with the inigma that is Penny Sue Wilson!


8 - Gold Award.jpg

Gold Award For 2021

Garry Emms recieves the Gold Award. His love & dedication to his art has been evident for many years now & his love of what he does is evident as he continues with his weekly show regardless of the difficulties he has endured this past year. This award is more than deserved & we all thank you Sir for all you do and long may it continue!


Act Of The Year 2021

A superb year from the guys has seen them travelling all over performing to many people. Add to that a vast ammount of bew material has also been made ready for release next year and you can understand just how busy the guys have been and how deserving of this award truly they are.

12 - Shut The %&£K Up.jpg

Shut The F**K Up 2021

Year 4 of this award and it goes to Fletch! Please just Shut The F**k Up about fishing...You make it rain every damned time! LOL

9 - Number One Fan.jpg

Number One Fan  2021

Sheila Austin from Devon wins this years award for being there every day, supporting the station and each and every one of our Presenters, thank you Sheila, if ever an award was deserved.

10 - Miss Know It All.jpg

Miss Know It All 2021

Carol Healey from Stoke takes this award for providing us our daily fix of trivia each morning on The Breakfast Club & yes she really does know it all & owns this award fully... Despite her weirdly designed kaftans & love of anchovies!

11 - The Schedule Queen.jpg

The Schedule Queen  2021

Brenda Wilkinson has been listening to Smart Radio since day one and every single day that a schedule goes out on our Socials telling you what's coming up the next day she comments... Every single day for four years Now! Thank you Brenda for your support even if we sometimes haven't a clue what you're on about lol!

14 - International Superstar.jpg

International Superstar 2021

Penny Wilson from Nassau, the town not the county, takes this award for spending four months travelling the UK listening to music, seeing shows & sharing her pictures with us all, we even got to meet up! Can't wait til next year when she's back to do it all over again. 

13 - Loneliest Boy In The World.jpg

Loneliest Boy In The World   2021

Finally, but by no means least, Broome Spiro takes this award after Penny enjoyed her four months gallivanting all over the place he somehow, with far more than just a little help, managed to survive the four months by himself, against all of our expectations! 



Gold Award For 2022

Bob Johnson rightly recieves the Gold Award this year and wow! How long has it been buddy? From thos heady days at the house to now. Throughout it all one thing has been a constant and that is the love of music you have and how it moves you so. You are a joy to behold and long may you continue! 


Act Of The Year 2022

A superb year from a band I've always loved and it is of course Bowling Fior Soup! They have had an amazing year with their album Pop Drunk Snot Bread and touring all over the place ands this year we have had much soup playted and discussed! Well done guys, love what you do year in year out. 

alex lee.jpg

Shut The F**K Up 2022

Year 5 of this award goes to Alex Lee who sold me my new phone - still don't like it lol. Okay okay okay! It was my fault you don't need to rub it in...And I'll deny admitting it always !


Number One Fan  2022

Brenda Wilkinson who is from Gorleston wins this award for 2022 and it's long overdue! Always there since launch commenting on our daily posts and sharing the good word, thank you Brenda, an accolade much deserving thank you Sheila, if ever an award was deserved.

10 - Miss Know It All.jpg

Miss Know It All 2022

Carol Healey from Stoke takes this award for a second year for providing us with our daily fix of trivia on The Breakfast Club & yes she really does know it all & owns this award fully.

9 - Number One Fan.jpg

Little Miss Breakfast  2022

Sheila Austin takes The Breakfast Club award for always being there and having a cracking tune to request and for keeping us informed with all that is happening Devon way! You are a slice of toast in the morning and the butter on my crumpet ... Oo er missus!

gary farmer_edited.jpg

The Early Bird 2022

Gary Farmer gets this as every morning on the way to work he's singing away to the daily pre-breakfast breakfast show playlist, which I now have to make sure is up to his very high standards... He sure tells me if not!

13 - Shouldn't Be Left Unsupervised - Broome Spiro.jpg

Shouldn't Be Left Unsupervised  2022


Broome Spiro .... Need I really say anything!

kjevin mewies.jpg

Monkey Of The Year 2022

Kevin Mewies, always there chatting, requesting, correcting and keeping me company every Monday night. My first Little Monkey lol!

greg kaye.jpg

Sick Note  2022

Greg Kaye - So, just how much time does one man need off in a year! And surely Chemo isn't a valid excuse?! Great to have you back in the mornings, joining us all from the land down under! A man who knows that Music Madders!

Remove background (7).png

Act To Watch 2022

I love these giuys and already they have brought us some great music and I'm sure they are only gonna get bigger, better and will bring us some superb music along the way


Meltdown Guri

Mick Bannister

During The Great Meltdown Of '22 Mick rode to the rescue and has helped us stay on air doing what we do and we can never thank him enough! But we'll try....Thank you from us all!


Syndicated Show Of The Year 2022
reel Music with Paul J Rose every Sunday 2pm-4pm

A superb, madcap show from Paul who's been with us here for almost three years now and every week a top notch show is provided with music from both the large & the small screen played! Thanks buddy

Photo 25-11-2021, 08 57 25.jpg

Chuckles Of Year 2022

Greg Thomas

Do I really need to explain? Lol.

Thanks buddy for everything you do and this award, well it's for a lot more than just for chuckling trust me, you are a  superstar!

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