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Smart Radio 101 - Listening Options


Well, of course, you can simply listen here on the website will viewing other pages on site or while just surfing The Net!

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Smart Radio 101 has many different options on how to listen other than through the PLAY option tagged to top of each page here on our website, As an Internet Based Station we offer many various Apps & options to add to your Smart Phones, Tablets & Smart Speakers & all with the minimum of fuss & of course FREE!

This page we will list them & tell you how to access if needed & then you can simply choose which you prefer & keep checking back as more ways will be added as we set them up. Visit your App Stores to download apps & listen all for FREE & follow instructions below for Smart Speakers.

We hope you enjoy Smart Radio 101 & if you have a personal favoutie App or Stream of choice that isn't listed here, well, get in touch.

Thank you & enjoy, from all here at Smart 101.

The main app we use here on the website & mobile devices, simple, secure & stable.   

Android users see Radio-UK below

MyTuner Radio

Radio Garden plays stations from all over the world, each green dot is a seed, or a station, so why not discover music from all aound the world, but do make sure to return to Smart Radio 101

Radio Garden

Radio UK - For some reason the MyTuner Radio App doesn't currently work on Android, but in its pace on all on all platforms try Radio-UK



SONOS Sound Systems are just one of the Smart Speakers on the market and by simply adding the MyTuner Radio app in your settings & placing Smart Radio 101 in your favourites is all you need to tune in! 


For Alexa to work, like the Sonos System, you need to enable the MyTuner Radio app in your skills section and then EVERY time you ask Alexa to play you need to say the following:  "Alexa enable MyTuner Radio" Alexa will reply & ask which station & then you say "Play Smart Radio 101" & you're in!

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Smart Radio 101 On Your Smart TV's!


The award winning myTuner Radio platform expanded it's TV offer to two major TV set manufacturers: Samsung and LG & with this bold move, myTuner Radio is increasing its potential reach to hundreds of millions of users that have a brand new TV set (from 2016 or above). Besides Samsung TVs and LG TVs, myTuner Radio was already available for Sony Bravia, Sharp AQUOS and other TV sets and set-top boxes that run Android TV.

So now you can enjoy listening to Smart Radio 101 on your TV while doing other tasks, or use it to set a pleasant mood around the house by playing your favorite shows.

So why not discover myTuner Radio on these TV sets & set-top boxes as well as your phones & tablets & never miss out on all Smart Radio 101 has to offer.

MyTuner Radio is making an effort to expand to even more smart TVs in the near future; this is only the beginning! Let the fun begin in your living room!


For all of you out there with a Pure DAB,FM & Internet radio & who have been in touch asking when we will be back on the Pure network .. Well wait no longer! Now you can re-tune your Pure Internet Rradios! Search  the Pure Network for Smart Radio 101 & you're set!