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The band's website tells us that it was "a vision of alternative roots rock that brought the five band members together and with a powerful live show they haven't looked back. Their music combines a gritty roots quality, reminiscent of British classic blues rock bands of the 70's, with strong melodies and elements of modern alternative rock. Following the release of their album Callous back in 2018 they have been increasing their festival appearances and in 2019 they played Ramblin Man Fair, Rock and Blues Festival, Bearded Theory, Southcider Festival and many more. With the release of their new album The Magic Show Part One they have continued to gain more fans and their popularity has never been stronger."

Here at Smart Radio the guys have been firm favourites, with both the listeners and presenters alike since the very start and their album, Callous became the first ever Album Of The Year awarded by the station manager, with the guys making several appearences on air - who can ever forget them winning Hooter On A Scooter followed up with a scooter driven video for Said To Me! Big fans all around and we're sure we will continue to be so, the next album The Magic Show Pt 1 gaining massive airplay and requests. The talent these guys possess and the live shows they perform will guarantee you keep coming back for more!

All their social media links are here for you to click on, along with videos to watch and links to their the albums via their spotify by clicking the Spotify logo or clicking the album images below!  

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A Review from Neil Jones, Station Manager of Smart Radio 101 2018

Little Red Kings are one of those bands, which I‘m sorry to say, don‘t have the exposure or airplay which they deserve! Smart Radio, for one, have started to rectify this and we thought that it was about time you got to know a little bit more. If you know of them already, then great, share the knowledge and know that it'll be a share well received and a future that the band well deserve.


Over the years the band, in one line up or another, have turned out some truly great music and great live performances wherever they go and as the lead to the band, vocalist and original member, Jason Wick said in a recent interview with me, they‘re a Roots Rock Band, a Classic Rock Band and a Blues Band all rolled into one. It seems a hard thing to pin down, the genre of a band, especially once you‘ve heard them. Little Red Kings are heavily Blues influenced for sure, but the Rock is there too. Jason said he loves anything with that Seventies Rock, Blues feel and somewhere along the way the boys have managed to find their own sound rather than simply imitate the sounds of yesterday, so making a sound that is all them. Once heard you'll never forget them or their sound.


Will comparisons be made, especially to that of the mighty Led Zeppelin? For me yes, definitely and there‘s no denying they have that quality, that sound, that feel about them... But they are not simply The Zeppelin Of A New Era as I often say and which I really must stop saying. They are, quite simply, the Little Red Kings. They are their own entity and deservingly so! Will comparisons follow them? Yes is the simple answer. Until you listen to them more carefully anyway. Then, and only then will you hear them for themselves and learn to love their sound and their talent.

All bands though need their Opus, that one song that is them, that when you hear it you know the band has completed all that is required to make them great. For LRK i originally said they needed to find theirs and then I realised i'd heard it and they had already found it. For some lucky bands it's their first song, for others it takes longer. 


Yet they remain independent and unsigned and I think happy with things just the way they are! But if they are as good as I say, then why I hear you ask. Well, in my opinion it‘s a combination of two things. One the dreaded X Factor Syndrome, too many talented artists are being overlooked while the quick manufactured package is sought to make a quick buck and two, in my opinion anyeway, they haven‘t as yet found their Opus. It‘s not a bad thing and in some case takes years and years to find that one tune. Sometimes it‘s your first, other times it takes a little longer.


Rush, the Canadian Rock band were nearly dropped by their label and audience numbers were dropping until the release of the album 2112. Then things turned around and they went onwards and upwards for a forty year career, but that was in 1976. It took until 1981 before Tom Sawyer was released and went on to be their Opus if you wish. Hendrix had his Purple Haze, Queen their Rapsody, Purple their Smoke On The Water and of course, Zeppelin had their Stairway.


So what, in my opinion and many share this opinion, Little Red Kings have already found their Stairway. Simply listen to their album, Callous and it‘s safe to say Chaperone hits the nail on the head and has everything required to fit the requirements. At six and a half minutes it shows they are comfortable with a lengthy number and more importantly the song doesn‘t simply belt it all out at one level, it moves along the journey in a rising and falling journey like you would expect from a Bo Rap or indeed a Stairway. If Chaperone isn‘t their Opus, well it shows they are a mere heatbeat away from one! For me though, they have it all, now we can just enjoy them and relish in the announcements of new releases


2018 saw the launch of Little Red Kings album Callous and as Jason sings in the amazing song 1967 ... “It‘s been a very good year.“ The rest is up to you. Buy it, listen to it, enjoy it ... Then tell the World!

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