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Smart Radio's Hall Of Fame

The Hall Of Fame Inductees is a fluid award and can be awarded at numerous times throughout the year and for either a band, a song or both! Whether it be a new act or song or from the past, signed or unsigned, it makes no difference. Here Those that have impressed will be inducted and hold the honour of a Hall Of Famer!

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Little Red Kings & Chaperone *

2019 saw Our 1st inductees into our Hall Of Fame & it was a double induction we bestowed upon local, unsigned act The Little Red Kings for both their live performances and for their amazing track Chaperone - off of their superb album Callous, which was the first album to win our Album Of The Year award. The band have quickly become a firm favourite here at Smart Radio as well as on the live gig and festival scene with a powerful and well polished live delivery. Both their music, it's lyrics and their live performances have righly placed them here within our Hall Of Fame and a worthy first inductee they make for sure. Well done guys.

Adam Ezra Group

2020 was a year we all wanted to wish never happened. A worldwide pandemic raged and left us all more than a little depressed and scared aware that what awaited us was completely unknown. Then a man, who had himself recovered from the virus, sat down with his guitar, a welcoming smile and said hello to us, then started to sing and we Gathered. Every night for well over a year he has performed, laughed and cried with tens of thousands of us. He has travelled the USA back and forth and from his desert home, motels, even the back of a van, as well as gardens and his hometown of Boston he has somehow managed to find the time to get married and still perform, alone or with the band and, little by little he has done his part in fixing a broken and scared world. Over 45o nights later he is still keeping us company and helping us all to laugh and sing with greater optimism than we had at the start of the Covid madness. A well deserved Hall Of Fame inductee for sure! Thank you Adam, Corinna, Alex and Poche for the joy and the music you have given us all.