Tom Malachowski

In Tom's Words"I'm a songwriter from Norfolk England and I've been playing guitar for about ten years and have been writing songs for seven. I've played big festivals and have also busked and hand on my heart I love it all the same. Just getting to play my songs to people who want to hear them means the world to me. Influences? Well, I got into Bob Dylan in a big way as well as Van Morrison, The Dubliners and of course the Blues! Overall I have a wide taste in music and, if touches my soul I'm in to it ....."

Well, A Blues Singer & Songwriter from Norfolk simply wouldn't and certainly doesn't do this young man any justice at all for me. He is far more than that, a lot more and, from the moment he came on the scene he has caused a something of a stir with all who have heard him. With his awe inspiring raw talent and the equally raw, rootsy tone that his voice produces it's no wonder his fan base just continues to grow and the music he writes continues to please. His voice is authentic, unrefined and at the same time it's soulful and it captures the encapsulates the feelings to each of the songs he sings. He is, quite simply, a star.

From the moment I heard him sing - two years ago and available for you in the video at the bottom of this page - I was captivated. Literally, he blew me away and I knew right there that this would be a man I would follow and listen to for as long as he continued to make music and far, far beyond.

In the past I've needed, percusion and backings and a full band feel to really get into the music, Tome changed that for me and, even though he can produce the full band feel too, I find myself relishing in the pure and unobliterated joy of his acoustic sounds. This is an act you should not miss out on, trust me, scan the pages of your local papers, scour the social media links for music venues and destivals and mark the dates. Covid has robbed us all for far too long the joys of live music and now it seems those days are returning and it's with pleasure I know it will only be a matter of when and not if that I get to experience this talented singer again soon. Tom Malachowski, remember the name, visit hhis Facebook, go along to his shows and buy his music....You will not be dissapointed. It sounds almost stalkerish to say it but it's true, this mans voice liot something inside and from that very first moment I heard him music has never quite been the same and I mean that in the very best of ways possible.



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